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Hydro Blasting/Painting And Riding Crew

Hydro blasting and Painting services has been recently added to our portfolio in line with demand from our clients and has been received with very positive feedback and a record usage with zero downtime for our team since its inception in 2022.  

We provide a wide range of maintenance services to cater the corrosion control and upkeep of vessels such as hydro blasting, abrasive blasting, coating application and scaffolding services through our complete inhouse specialized team and equipment for carrying out-

  • Hydro blasting to WJ1/WJ2/WJ3 standards.

  • Power tool preparation

  • High Pressure washing

  • Chemical/Vapour Degreasing.

  • Surface Preparation operation.

  • Coating application using Pneumatic and manual techniques.

Our teams are empanelled with various major drydocks in the regions and have been continuously carrying out various jobs ranging from general hydro blasting and painting of cargo holds, main deck superstructure, cargo equipment, machinery spaces etc to carrying our complete cleaning and painting of machinery spaces including vessels which have been flooded and fire damaged.

All our specialized technicians are equipped with requisite documents to join and sail with a vessel anywhere in the world and carry out unique operations without any discomfort or downtime to the vessels schedule.

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