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De - Bunkering And Cargo Transfer Operation

MMS has invested in procuring all the requisite equipment and specialized trained manpower to conduct the uniquely challenging operations. We have the know how and expertise to carry out de bunkering operations with a knowledge accumulated by carrying out more than 50 such operations.

We have the following equipment inhouse making us the only company in the UAE to have all the ingredients for successful de-bunkering/cargo transfer operations.

  • De- bunkering QHSE team lead by senior master mariner and Chief Engineer

  • Inhouse hydraulically driven tanker safe submersible pumps.

  • Certified and trained pump operators by the makers.

  • Breathing Air Cascade tanks for safe man entry to facilitate pump placement prior commencement.

  • Trained and certified team to carry out man entry and safe operations.


Every de-bunkering/cargo transfer operation presents a unique set of challenges, and we ensure that a tailor-made risk assessment and operational plan is enforces to carry out smooth an efficient operation with utmost adherence to QHSE protocols.

 De- bunkering operations have traditionally been slow and cost extensive operations due to design abilities of the vessel, however MMS gas come up with solution which helps you to carry out your operations and save more than 70% cost and time in comparison to the traditional de-bunkering operation using the transfer pumps.

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