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Ship Hold Cleaning And Cargo Change Services

Each bulk carrier comes with its unique set of challenges and the MMS team is adept at designing tailor made cleaning schedules and plans to cater the vessels specific needs taking into consideration various factors such as vessel design, coating, cargo types, carriage history, voyage itinerary and port regulations. Our specialized team is led by a bulk carrier experienced Master Mariner with an aim of creating best in industry and cost-effective solution to your bulk carrier needs.


A successful cleaning process begins with comprehensive inspection and detailed planning. Our methods are varied as the cargoes we serve and employ a combination of high pressure washing, chemical cleaning and manual techniques, each chosen based on the specific residue challenges presented by different cargoes from grain to chemicals.

Along with operational excellence our team is adept to ensure highest standards of Quality, health, safety, and environment policies and strive to always exceed the local and international regulations. We ensure responsibility prior starting the job and till safely disposing of the residues.


We assure highest level of cost optimization with our in-house availability of requisite resources to serve our clients faster and better.

  • Specialized Manpower.

  • Bulk Carrier Expert Supercargo/Master Mariner.

  • Equipment including High Pressure washing machines, cherry picker, forklift, spraying guns.

  • Stock of consumables including cleaning materials, chemicals and diesel etc.

  • In house logistics support, warehouse inside the port.


We streamline our cleaning operations through a comprehensive set of procedures that prioritize risk assessment, strategic planning, continuous monitoring, adaptability and use of technology to ensure each operation is carried out with precision, efficiency, safety and best in class practices

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