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Our Services

We provide a full range of specialized services


Ship Tank Cleaning & Grade Change

MMS has evolved an industry leader and one of the largest tank cleaning companies in the entire middle east.

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Bunker Quantity & Investigative Surveys

Our team of highly trained and qualified surveyor is what sets us apart in the bunker surveying industry.

Flag State Surveys/Ship Inspections and Chemical Tanker Advisory


Our expert team of Master mariners and Chief engineer with their experience of sailing and superintendency brings out various vessel inspections and surveys.


Ship Hold Cleaning & Cargo Services

The MMS team is adept at designing tailor made cleaning schedules and plans to cater the vessels specific needs.

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De-Bunkering & Crago Transfer Operation

MMS has invested in procuring all the requisite equipment and specialized trained manpower to conduct the operations.


Hydro blasting/Painting and Riding Crew

Hydro blasting and Painting services was recently added to our portfolio in line with demand from our clients and received positive feedback

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